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A unique collaborative art project that brings artists together to create something exclusive

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Discover our exclusive collection 💎

Game of Brushes

Artists: 9
Level: Uncommon


27x Edition 1/1

House of Arts

Artists: 81
Level: Rare


9x Edition 1/1

Color your Dreams

Artists: 441
Level: Epic


3x Edition 1/1

The Crowd

Artists: 2025
Level: Legendary


1x Edition 1/1

  • Animated Figure
  • Animated Figure
  • Animated Figure
  • Animated Figure
  • Animated Figure

A game-changing opportunity you need to know

Especially in a pandemic situation, when face-to-face collaboration is challenging more than ever, we truly believe that digital collaborations are infinitely more important.

After registration, you will have to upload one of your artworks. That work will be used, together with those of the other artists, to create "patchworks" (do you know the famous work of Beeple Crap, right?). You will be rewarded for every artwork sold, containing your work.

Let's take a practical example: you upload an artwork (it does not have to be original, you can also upload an artwork that has already been tokenized and sold), other artists do the same thing. At some point, we take the artworks and create a patchwork, from the artworks of 9 artists for example (this is called "Game of Brushes"). Each artwork will be used one time only.

All created artworks will be minted as NFT and dropped from us on Foundation. When the artworks will be sold, the net profit will be shared with the creators.

Do you still have doubts? We have answered all your questions on our FAQs page.