Help center

You have to join our waiting list and upload some of your works.

We’re currently in early access mode, only onboarding a small number of selected artists each month. You may not get a response in the near term. Please understand that we’re overloaded in the short term, but are doing everything we can to accommodate higher capacity in the future.

The profits generated from each sale, net of marketplace commissions, will be distributed equally amongst all the artists who participated in that work (50%) and CrowdStrength (50%). The artworks will be auctioned, so it is impossible to predict the final sale price.

The collection includes only 40 artworks divided as follows: 27 Uncommon (9 artists), 9 Rare (81 artists), 3 Epic (441 artists), 1 Legendary (2025 artists).

It depends on your position in the list of artists on board:

  • 1 to 243: 1 Uncommon, 1 Rare, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary
  • 244 to 729: 1 Rare, 1 Epic, 1 Legendary
  • 730 to 1323: 1 Epic, 1 Legendary
  • 1324 to 2025: 1 Legendary

It is easy to understand that who joins first will have a greater reward.

There is no limit to the number of works you can upload, you can also use the gallery as a portfolio. Each work will only be used once, so if you want to participate in the creation of more works, you need to upload more works.

All the artworks will be sold exclusively on Foundation.

You will be rewarded only if the NFT of the work you helped create will be sold. You will receive your reward within one week of the auction ending. You only need an ETH wallet, we will integrate MetaMask soon.

Yes, submitted artwork guidelines:

  • Created digitally by you (it doesn’t necessarily have to be original work)
  • You consider this to be some of your best work
  • No illegal stuff, please

Yes, the final artworks (the patchworks) created will ALSO contain your work, but your work will be only a piece of the final artwork that will be a unique and exclusive work.

From a purely technical point of view, the file you sold is different from the one we will sell, so we have every right to mint and sell it.

We do this to protect your works, we keep the original files that you upload and publish the ones with the watermark.

We have explained our point of view. If you think so too, it will be exactly what you say. Otherwise, if you have any doubts of this kind, you can opt to participate with an original work.

We will notify you in advance of the NFT listing of works created together with you. We expect you to do everything possible to advertise the sale on your social channels.

We have a table with different reserve prices based on the rarity level of the work, but they are not public, because we reserve the right to modify them based on the moment, the crypto world is too fickle to establish economic terms in an absolute way.

If you don’t have an ETH wallet yet, you can create it in minutes with Metamask. Follow this simple tutorial on how to use Metamask. Once you have created your wallet, copy your ETH address and save it in your profile.

We are not artists, but computer scientists who are passionate about technology and art. As you can see on our social profiles, each uploaded work will be published with a mention to the creator. And there is also the creators’ gallery on our website.